People think homosexuality is about what goes on in the bedroom – a preference to have sexual intercourse with someone of the same rather than opposite sex. This is a serious misunderstanding. Homosexuality is about an individual’s orientation toward the same and opposite sex in every dimension of life – in the living room, kitchen, and workplace.

3 thoughts on “Orientation

  1. Never thought of how damaging homosexuality would be in a male/female friendship, let alone marriage. If all orientation is to same sex how could they respect and appreciate the differences?


  2. You're right: Complementarity is a very important factor in all our relationships with the opposite sex, even (particularly?) those in which sexual intercourse doesn't play a part. I'm going to be writing more about it, but when you have a chance to observe a group of gay men sitting around dishing other people, it's a shock to discover how contemptuous of women they are. We know women who sit around and gossip and run other women down, but for men to do it, and in much the same way, is absolutely shocking. A lot of well-intentioned people don't believe they do this, but I've seen it.


  3. Having a family member who is gay, I have witnessed that contemptuously catty talk they do of women. It is truly horrible. Now enters another question: how can anyone find happiness altering their sex or even continuing as gay males with such utter hatred in their hearts?


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