Trophy Wife

It was a real shock to me when he said it. I was having one of my bad days, one of those days when I refer to the ex- as The Faerie Prince – and my friend stopped me short.

“I used to date a lady,” he said, “who was divorced for the same reason you are. I figure, when those guys do marry, they pick out a Trophy Wife for themselves. You might want to think about that.”

Trophy Wife? MOI?????   But I thought about it, and I dug out some old photos, and I thought of the few other women I know who were in this position, and … you know what?

He was right! My friend was right! We are Trophy Wives!


5 thoughts on “Trophy Wife

  1. Where’s my post? I said I know a man with three children whose wife left him for a woman. Disloyalty happens against faithful men as well.


    1. I don’t know, Carson; this is the first post I’ve seen from you, and the one other Anon. comment on the issue of lesbian ex-wives didn’t mention kids. I hope to do more on that issue, later, but I really think the dynamics are different, for both the lesbian and the male straight spouse, and that’s not the world I know. So, later it must be.


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