We won!

North Carolina passed its “Marriage Amendment” by a 61% vote. Three-fifths of North Carolina voters recognize the historical and multicultural value of marriage as limited to man and woman.

Already there is talk about legal challenge to the amendment, although it was pursued according to Constitutional guidelines, it passed with the vote of 3/5 of the State’s citizens, and 93 out of 100 counties passed it.  The battle is by no means over.

I predicted that the NC Triangle and the Charlotte area would go Against, and I was right. I also thought Asheville area would go Against because of their large gay population, and I was right on that. I was surprised that Wautauga County, the Boone area, went Against.

I was even more surprised, however, that the Greensboro Triad (Greensboro-High Point-Winston Salem) went FOR. This area is one of NC’s gay strongholds. The NBC affiliate in Winston-Salem, WXII TV12, reports that the measure was defeated by only 100 votes in Guilford County, where more than 116,000 were cast. That’s a much narrower margin than I would have expected, indicating that the area’s residents are a bit stronger-minded than I’d realized.

I worked the polls, yesterday, and am pleased to report that in my area folks both for and against the measure were, for the most part, pleasant and cheerful. That is how it should be when we deal with differences of opinion. A couple of people were defensively brusque, but not to the point of outright rudeness, and there was certainly not any hostility. I heard there was some up in the Raleigh and Chapel Hill areas. A shame.

However, the rhetoric, yesterday, and last night as the results were being announced, was ridiculous. “Vote against discrimination” was one of the slogans. Discrimination??? WTH??? Gays have every single civil right and access to legal recourse for their grievances that I have as a heterosexual. NO ONE – not I or the gay community – has the right to try to redefine language or to deconstruct history.

But that’s what they’re determined to do. The battle isn’t finished, yet.

One thought on “We won!

  1. For the sake of the country and for the sake of souls the vote was good. Given our countries drift into insanity I suspect that like all empires before we will continue to self destruct. The one comfort I get is that Isaiah was called to tell the truth no matter what (See Isaiah 6). That seems to be our calling.


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