Taking Care of Ourselves: Count Your Blessings – Literally!

One of the most effective ways I fought depression during the Dark Days was what I came to call my “Blessings Journal.” I saw a bluebird in the backyard – not a common occurrence at the time – and grabbed a brand new notebook and wrote in it:


After that, I noted rainbows, wildflowers, a deer grazing by the side of the road, compliments… anything and everything that reminded me that there was still beauty and sweetness in the world.

The listings got a bit more detailed: the way the light filters through the dogwood leaves in the back yard. or The smell of plowed ground when it starts to rain. Each incident, no matter how “ordinary,” served as a reminder that God loves me.

And, by making me more conscious of the beauty surrounding me at every turn, the notebook became a major tool in my personal battle against emotional defeat.

One thought on “Taking Care of Ourselves: Count Your Blessings – Literally!

  1. I do a similar thing. I am keep a ‘gratitude journal.’ It does help redirect my focus on what is good in the world.


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