Taking Care of Ourselves – Childish pleasures

Make a picnic.

Sit out in the yard at night and look at the stars.

During a partly cloudy day, what pictures do you see in the clouds?

Buy a coloring book and a 64-count box of crayons. Color.

Play dress-up. What you wouldn’t dream of wearing in public, you can wear around the house. You can be a Princess, a Gypsy, a Greek goddess…



3 thoughts on “Taking Care of Ourselves – Childish pleasures

  1. Hmmm, learn a new instrument or two; practice only in 5 minute periods and give yourself a little tic mark on a card for each full five minutes you play.

    Join a group where dressing up is expected. I am the proud owner of a pretty blue tunic with bright yellow stitching around the collar and sleeves for Society for Creative Anachronism events.

    Local RenFairs are a great place to go dressed up. Also fun, Science Fiction/Fantasy conventions or Anime conventions– costumes are expected and fun.

    Dance. Sing. Play with a veil and interact with a breeze using the veil.

    It is not easy to learn to play again. Sometimes work is also play if you love what you are doing most of all.


    1. You’re right – it’s NOT easy to learn to play again. Most of the things you listed, I’ve not had opportunity to do (Society for Creative Anachronisms, for instance) – But I have other outlets. I’m working on another post with more Simple But Adult pleasures (like wearing old hats – my weakness).


      1. I’ll look forward to that post too. I don’t do adult pleasures much. But as an aspie, (my mom claims I was born old) I have very adult sorts of interests, and a passion for study. I learned to play as an adult but never have I felt any older than I used to be.

        Community education can be a source of play at relatively little cost.


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