Taking Care of Ourselves – Childish pleasures

Make a picnic.

Sit out in the yard at night and look at the stars.

During a partly cloudy day, what pictures do you see in the clouds?

Buy a coloring book and a 64-count box of crayons. Color.

Play dress-up. What you wouldn’t dream of wearing in public, you can wear around the house. You can be a Princess, a Gypsy, a Greek goddess…



3 thoughts on “Taking Care of Ourselves – Childish pleasures

  1. Hmmm, learn a new instrument or two; practice only in 5 minute periods and give yourself a little tic mark on a card for each full five minutes you play.

    Join a group where dressing up is expected. I am the proud owner of a pretty blue tunic with bright yellow stitching around the collar and sleeves for Society for Creative Anachronism events.

    Local RenFairs are a great place to go dressed up. Also fun, Science Fiction/Fantasy conventions or Anime conventions– costumes are expected and fun.

    Dance. Sing. Play with a veil and interact with a breeze using the veil.

    It is not easy to learn to play again. Sometimes work is also play if you love what you are doing most of all.


    • You’re right – it’s NOT easy to learn to play again. Most of the things you listed, I’ve not had opportunity to do (Society for Creative Anachronisms, for instance) – But I have other outlets. I’m working on another post with more Simple But Adult pleasures (like wearing old hats – my weakness).


      • I’ll look forward to that post too. I don’t do adult pleasures much. But as an aspie, (my mom claims I was born old) I have very adult sorts of interests, and a passion for study. I learned to play as an adult but never have I felt any older than I used to be.

        Community education can be a source of play at relatively little cost.


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