Still here

I just concluded a conversation with a new friend who, it turned out, knows this blog.  He told me I have more people watching it than I realized —- and that some had assumed that maybe I’d changed my mind about gay marriage, the whole fight, really, because I’ve been inactive so long.

I’ve not.  My opinions are not only unchanged since I began this blog, I find them being more and more strongly confirmed as more men and women come out with their own stories about toxic marriages to gays, or the sufferings of their being raised by gay parents.

The embarrassing truth of it is that having sole responsibility for this blog and being so immersed in this subject matter is oppressive to my spirit.  I live with depression (and, btw, I have yet to meet a former spouse of a homosexual who doesn’t also battle The Black Dog) and sometimes I have to budget my low energy levels as miserly as I can in order to cover the necessities.

But I’m so grateful — no, I’m still sitting here well after midnight shaking my head . . . simply amazed at being known and recognized and  told “Oh, yeah, you’re quite well known among my friends —” —

So let me take a moment to tell you all hello, and to thank you for looking for this blog and for your prayers and whatever positive thoughts you’ve had about what I do, here.

I’ve been collecting things to post here.  I’m looking for a couple other women to post, as well.  I won’t abandon this blog completely — even though sometimes I find I don’t have energy sufficient to post.

The fight really is just beginning.

2 thoughts on “Still here

  1. Glad to see your post! You really do provide a valuable service, offering a counterpoint to the deviance which so many celebrate these days. Keep up the good work!


  2. Good for you! When blogging is draining, or doesn’t feel good–chore-like, drop it for a while. Those who follow you will appreciate hearing from you when you come back to us with something to say. And, you don’t have to educate the world about a single issue, you can instead, dip frequently into the feelings you have because you are walking this path. Everyone is given something as a cross. Some of us earlier in life than others. All of us will have one while we are here though.
    Keep writing when you feel like it. Write what you feel. We will be waiting to see what you have to say next…and don’t be intimidated that others are “watching.” It just means you’ve got their attention ❤


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